How to advertise on Instagram?

I’ve started my own business and I would like to advertise my market on Instagram with the best ways.
How can I do this? Do you have the same experience?
please share with me.
Thanks in advanced


Set Your Marketing Objective. …
Configure Your Target Audience. …
Choose Your Placements. …
Set Your Budget and Ad Schedule. …
Use Instagram bots


Eric your answer draw my attention.
I’m curious to know why using bots for ads ? Is this lowering costs ?


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Pm me your business name… I have a few ideas for you

your answer is really useful thanks. You have an experience or not?

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I believe Eric is saying to use IG bots in addition to IG Ad Campaigns. Make sure you have a business IG page and simply head into the FB/IG ad manager and you can create your campaign form there. IG makes it relatively easy to find your demographic however with greater analysis comes greater/cheaper results. If you can give us a little more information about your niche, objectives, budget you can get more accurate answers.

do you have any experience with Instagram bots? is it good?

I search on Google and find these ways. I don’t have information about Instagram bots so much. I just know about them that they can help you to increase the number of followers.

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It’s weird… lately a lot of new users pop up on this forum, all have profile pic, all have username like (example: JackBalle, JohnHughes, WhatEver…) and they’re all interested in IG marketing. As soon as they post question one of other profiles that are made using same pattern recommend the bot that I won’t mention.

Nice try. Good bye.


ah ok … thanks

wow adnan that’s sad ! In fact I was curious about how to combine ads and bots which is pretty unusual for me. I did not even noticed or imagine this could be marketing message for another bot. Thanks for advising.

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i know which bot is meant, i see the same shit going on another forum.

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@JackBalle It depends what is the market. Nevertheless, to advertise on Instagram you can do this:

  1. Create Instagram account with the business name to use it as username (if you decide using a bot, warm the account, and after a month or so add the link of your business website to the BIO)
  2. Create second Instagram account, where you would basically post content, related to your niche. When hitting 10k followers, you can advertise your own business via stories, feed posts or tagging your first (business) Instagram account…
  3. You can research the influencers of your niche on Instagram. Contact few smaller ones and test the waters. Then scale it with more influencers and bigger accounts so your first (business) Instagram account can grow faster thus growing your business as well.
  4. If you are planning to have discount offers of your business products/services, you can run promotional posts on both Instagram accounts (giveaways, etc…)
  5. You can try to use Instagram ADS for your first (business) Instagram account, but you have to make it as a Business account and link it to the Facebook account. Invest in Instagram ADS few bucks, test what works, and then scale.



This is very informative and helpful
Thank you

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To advertise on Instagram:

  1. Set Your Marketing Objective.
  2. Configure Your Target Audience.
  3. Choose Your Placements.
  4. Create Your Instagram Ad.
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