How to anonymize my Paypal?

Hi !

I don’t want my name to appear on transactions when I buy from grey marketplaces.

Do you have a method ? Should I get a business account ?


The easiest solution is: open a 2nd paypal or buy an account. Transfer money into it from your main one, make a purchase and noone will ever know who you are.


With real personal infos ?

Create a business account and it’ll list your business name instead of your personal name. I wouldn’t suggest making an account with false details because if PayPal limits your account you’ll get hit with an ID verification which you wouldn’t be able to pass.

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Once you have reach a certain limit, I think it’s 2000$ you need to identify yourself. If it’s not your real name stated what would you recommend as work around?

Clearly with fake ones.

In general, yes, but he mentioned he is buying stuff from gray area places. You can buy unlimited PP accounts and if one goes down, you just use the next one.

A) The legit way - use a business account

B) Get some not so real documents to support your not so real identity. If you Google the correct terminology you can find plenty of options. It only works with PP though, I would not suggest it outside of that bubble.


Wait. Are you saying you can buy PP accounts and use those?

Dont you know? You can buy anything on the internet :wink:

You can buy accounts for anything online. You know that already :slight_smile:

PP is not like opening a bank account, so unless you need to connect it with one, there is zero issues putting money into it and paying with it. Of course, it has limitations but ebay people have been doing it since PP existed.

It goes without saying, but I need to note it anyhow for that one person with no common sense who will read this at some point in time: PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Do not use any tactic that you read on a forum, or anywhere else for that matter, if you cannot afford the risk of losing all that you put in.


Interesting thoughts guys.

In my case it’s just to buy fake social medias accounts. Nothing too hardcore.

I just don’t like putting my real name on such random platform, maybe I’m too much paranoid.

So I think a business account could be a solution, I’m just not yet incorporated but at the time they’ll ask me for proof I’ll probably be .

I have a business account using a name which is not officially registered as a business. Till now Paypal never asked me anything.


Same here. I actually have like 5+ biz accounts. They just ask for EIN or Social Security Number for tax reasons (USA).

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I checked my account, to be sure…
It has a business name that people can see. But I used my own personal name, home address, phone etc. And it is connected to a bank account on my own name.

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is this your only PP (business) account?

I also have a personal account. And 1 business account. Both registered on the same home address. Also use 1 IP for logging in. So probably having 2 accounts is ok.

We already know who you are WILL!

JK, maybe you can pay with Bitcoin but if your only worry is the grey market seeing your real name go ahead and make a business account.

To keep the quality of the forum I would say suggestions like ‘Buy fake PP accounts’ shouldn’t be made, but hey just my opinion :man_shrugging:

I talked to them about this. It’s OK to have 2 accounts as long as one is personal and other is business account.

There won’t be such threads in Marketplace.

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Oh didn’t see this is free for all lounge, my bad :smiley:

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so you have 1 personal & 1 business in total? Or do you have another on top of that? I also have a personal & business but am looking to have another business (I guess) that can be anonymized.

No others. And according to Paypal you are also not allowed to have more;

It is a little bit strange. Payments done to a business account will show the name of the business. Allowing only 1 business account makes it impossible to have more than 1 business…

You can open many fake Paypal accounts using proxies easily. The problem is that after receiving 1800 Euro you have to verify your account. I had to give them a copy of a utility bill and a copy of my passport…

I would advice against breaking their rules. Even if you follow their rules it is already complicated sometimes. If they find out that you do anything against their rules they can easily block you, your name + birthdate etc making it almost impossible to open a new account later.

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