How to answer your comments fast manual

I was asking myself for long time what I can share with you. Finally I found something that might be new and helpful for some personal users or manual working agencies.

If you receive lots of comments and want to answer fast a device like Stream Deck withs macros can be a big help. You can create the macros in the stream deck software with a function called “System Text”. You simply enter your comment and a title. Title is seen on the device’s display. There is limited space on the buttons so it could be shorter.

If you have business account or creator account you should use the fb comment manager if you use the browser it only allows a small amount of comments in a certain time.

If you are not creator/business you can connect to your phone with teamviewer and enter the macros directly into the app. I like to call the commenter by his/her name so I leave the option “press enter after message” and do it manually after I have entered the real name or use a emoicons that I put on some buttons and check the “press enter after message option” on them.

You can creat subfolders on the button display so you have lots of variations. I couldnt find a way to use spintax.

I have the streamdeck hardware and use it every day with video/photo software. The price is maybe to high for some but there is an option to use an android phone as display / stream deck. the app is called “Elgato Stream Deck Mobile”. Havent tried that but for some that might be a better option or good to test if you want to invest in hardware.

  1. Use the speech to text function of your mobile phone’s keyboard e.g. google. It helps me a lot when writing longer comments to other users. As I am not to fast writing on my mobile phone

I looked for keyboard/macro apps on android that can do that but couldnt find any useful onces yet. If anybody knows please share.

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An unusual but pretty good idea. I might give this a try.

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Did you try this method,How did it go for you?

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Yes, I use it a lot. It saves time!