How to attract useful followers only?

Useful followers means, followers with spending power.

Recently started my first re-post page, posting baby pictures only. I can imagine that I can sell shoutouts to baby products brands in the future. (or even I can use my affiliate links for baby products).

There are tons of people on instagram that might just follow and engage but might not have sufficient spending power (For example, third world country followers). And I am planning to run automation (NOT Jarvee). I would certainly choose hashtags for automation, where I can find desired followers more but that would not be sufficient, I guess. So I am seeking insights.


I would hand pick all of the main vendors in your (local) industry and engage with them, follow them and all of their top clients. Manual action is probably going to be your crutch in this.


@fluid_eye Why not Jarvee? I’m not too familiar with other softwares, but I know with Jarvee you can do what @embraceone recommended and target local people via geo locations

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Not sure why you don’t want to use Jarvee, that’s the most complete automation software in the market at the moment.

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When it comes to finding people with spending power, I have much better results working manually when I check profile picture.
There is no automation that will rate the potential of a customer better than you (if you know who is your average customer)
If your customers are tier 1 adults, you will skip all children and bs pages, not to mention tier 2/3 people that can also be filtered to some level with jv. It all depends on the scale that you operate.


Money problem. I am just starting out. No capital to put in.
Also, I don’t want to go all ‘automation’ way. Automation is something that would be my side hustle.

True. With automation you just can’t be as accurate as with working manual.

I mean you can set up automation to check for profile pictures and all sorts of other filtering values, but it will not be able to evaluate the quality of the meta datas.

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Thanks for your response.

Can you please shade some light on


Sure here is an example. You set an automation tool to scrape for profiles with profile pictures and atleast 25 posts. Now when you do the actions manually, you can hand pick “quality” profiles that have a decent profile picture etc. Yet automation can’t differentiate on this point, it may pick a profile that has a random profile picture and 25 posts, but doing the same manually you can 98% of the time pick a profile that is really your target as you may have a look.

Hope you understand what I mean.

BUT it will be EXTREMELY difficult to do this manually when you run a lot of slaves, as it is very time consuming.

If you run 1-5 accounts. Manual will be your thing.

Doing 5+ accounts you are better of scaling with automation.

Since you started of mentioning you are doing this on your single account, @embraceone gave you truely a very nice point when he stated that your way to go is manual.

Also the great thing with manual is that you will learn ALOT!


Look for smaller regional accounts in your niche (like a local baby clothing brand or some local influencers like some “trendy new moms” and something similar. Chances are that these accounts have local followers that you can target and engage with.

Or do some paid ads.

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Didnt Instagram blocked Jarvee…?