How to automate an account

Hello I want to create an account with only repost automation. How can I do that easly for free ?

Thank you !


What social media are you talking about? Facebook has creator studio but it’s not exactly automation.

Most apps get you in trouble and are basically the same thing as creator studio.

Jarvee is the best at scraping posts and then adding to a campaign imo. I have hated posting on jarvee for almost a year as I got disabled accounts but have been using it lately with no issues.

You can try Jarvee and start a free trial. Visit this link: JARVEE - Social Media Posting and Automation

if you post once a day it takes around 1min to do it +with few likes in the home

If you will only perform reposts for that account, make sure to establish that account first and make it as human as possible since Reposts are easily suspicious on IG’s end. Set the account up first with a profile photo, bio, some other activities like follow/unfollow/like/comment, then for the Repost, you can start with 1 - 2 Reposts per week, and see how it goes.

Thanks, @heroeslair, and @mykel7mj for recommending Jarvee!

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I would recommend to plan posts via Facebook Creator Studio. It’s not a third party application, so won’t get you flagged. Also does not limit your reach (from my experience).

You can plan posts up to 2 months further. In 1 day, you can fill those 2 months. It’s not 100% automatization, but comes as close as possible to it, without risking your account :wink:

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jarvee is best for automation

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Same advice as the others:

Creator Studio if you don’t mind doing a little manual work to set it up (and it is free), or jarvee if you want full automation but you’re willing to pay.

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Jarvee with mobile proxy and a little bit of help from the support

You can do it with Jarvee

yes as recommended Jarvee is your best option for reposting you can use the free trial and see if you like the results or not.

You can use Jarvee both to create accounts automatically and to automate your reposts.