How to automate comment likes

i want my comment appear to be on top and send lots of likes to it. using a free service now but it takes a lot of time doing it for each comment. Is my only option here having to use lots of accounts and proxies and use jarvee?

Yes, I do the same thing using Jarvee Like Comments tool and it helps my comment become one of top comments. Use unique accounts and 1-2 accounts per proxy.

i use this option in jarvee but it doesnt work :S, what are u using?

Damn, I think I have this already enabled without knowing how for months! Since every now and then some of my comments gets liked by my own accounts, and I’m not the guy who liked the comments :rofl:

so thanks

I’m using this source option:

Let’s say you commented on A’s post and you want that comment to be liked by the other accounts you have in Jarvee. You need to get that post URL, then go to Scrape Tools, add the URL here, then extract the comments:

Find your comment ID (it’s in the commentPk column) in the scrape results file. Once you know the comment ID, add it as source in Like Comments tool, then use Copy Settings to copy the source to the other accounts.

so u have to manually find post url every time? i want to just automatically send comment likes with like 20 accs

Yes, that’s what I’m doing. If your comment contains a unique word, you can try using this source option:

and this filter at the same time:

Maybe it will work well for you.

yes thats what im doing now, it adds the usernames but then jarvee says no sources provided :S