[How to] Automate different aspects of your work without any programming knowledge or coding

Hey everyone again,

I am back with yet another quick how-to that i think some of you can find interesting and helpful… Since we are all using MP for automation, we know how automation is important in making us more efficient with our work and how it can be a time saver… That’s why i thought it would be cool sharing with you guys a tool i personally use together with Massplanner for different little tasks and they work great in synergy.
I will share a tool i use for automating pretty much any task that is repeating all the time for you… the tool isn’t some fancy tool, and it’s actually free 100% , but it can be pretty handy in the right hands…
It records actually what you are clicking with your mouse and typing on your keyboard and you can record a script out of it and replay it for any task that is of repetitive nature…
so no more macros, or coding or anything, just hit record, examine recorded action and if everything is ok just play the script you created.

First of all i will share the link for the software itself http://automatemytasks.weebly.com/ , just so i don’t forget to do it… lol :smiley:

I am not going to write the whole tutorial how to use it, because it’s pretty straight forward…

  1. install 2)record your actions 3) examine and edit steps of your actions 4) play it for as many time as you like

but i will give some tips on using it:

  • it’s important that each time when you want to play the script that the things on your desktop be like the way they were when you were recording the script… because the software uses x,y coordination to find where to click, everything should be on same place like when recorded.

  • downside of this program is that you can’t use your computer while it’s working, but my tip for this is to leave it work overnight when you go to sleep
    For example I myself (on windows) plan how long i want to keep my computer working after i get to sleep depending of how long would the script recording last, and what i do is that i schedule my computer to turn off itself… you can do this on Windows by going on start(search screen)/run/cmd… when you open command prompt just enter shutdown /s /t [number of seconds when you want your computer to turn off from that moment] and that’s it

-so any task that is boring with some creativity you can automate it with this…
I’ll give you guys one example how i use it on day to day basis… One of problems when posting comments on facebook groups is that you can’t know which groups are bringing you clicks and which are not… I know there is already a solution provided by MP team in form of using tokens when posting comments, but i used a different approach… what i did is that i posted different bit.ly link for each group where i posted… so if i posted to 20 groups for example i would create 20 bit.ly links for that test… so basically i used this automation software to automate creating of bit.ly links… i even automated the software to write those link down in notepad in form that is ready to be added in massplanner right away {bit.ly1|bit.ly2|bit.ly3…etc}… I can’t tell you how many hours of work this saved me as you can imagine… Then i had stats for all the groups i posted on one centralized location from my bit.ly account and everything was very easy to check out. Even though i have this example for facebook , you can use this software on any different platform and it basically all depends on you and how creative you get.

That’s it for now, hope this is helpful to someone here… :slight_smile: I already posted one [how to] for the giveaway so i’ll post this one out of competition :wink:


I’ve been looking for a tool like this - i sometimes use Imacros (firefox) but this looks to be more versatile and easier to use. Thanks very much!!!

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Maybe this is showing my ignorance - but did you use this macro on the massplanner software or using a web browser separately?

hey josephd12345… i didn’t use this on the massplanner software, i use this separately from massplanner…

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Got it! only annoying thing is its not compatible on mac - but anyway I can make it and use it on my vps :slight_smile:

Nice share @100jan , didn’t know about this software and it sounds great, there are so many times when something like this is needed, unless you’re constantly creating you’re bound to do repetitive work from time to time.

Hopefully it will be helpful to some people as it is to me

Another tool to automate is IFTTT. People underestimate it so much but it’s a very powerful tool. I used only IFTTT to build a active audience for a brand across their Social media accounts. And it took me less than half a hour to set up lol.

There’s quite a few applets for all social platforms. Here’s a few -

You can create your own applets so I’m sure it’ll be quite helpful to y’all. :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks for sharing.

I have a question that might sound dumb. How do I use it for things? This is what I think it could be used for; I turn it on and perform some tasks that it records and then I run it to do those tasks on auto?


Yes that’s the general idea how to use it


Can you use this method to automate account creation?

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Mac OS has Automator included which is why you won’t find any other company that writes automation software for Mac OS - hard to compete with Apple software included with the OS.

Well you could, but you would have to figure out how to tackle few things that can give you potential problem ( you need name generator, email generator, you would need to avoid capthas etc)… It can be done, but you need to prepare it well and figure things out for your account creation process…

Never used this software, but I’m using similar one - Zennoposter. It’s paid one, but it’s VERY VERY POWERFUL :smiley: Same, no coding skills need, and very easy to use. It’s very easy to make different account creators, with email +sms verify, acc edit, smth scrape, download upload something( and more +1000500 functions ).

How I said in some another post here before, Massplanner + Zennoposter = BOMB :slight_smile:


Good to know… how much is the subscription?

Have a look in google. They are in English language.