How to automatically stop unfollow tool after one day

I know with Jarvee’s recent update (Jul 2) you can set the Follow tool to automatically stop and start the Unfollow tool when it reaches the max followings per day. I just can’t seem to arrive on a similar setting for the Unfollow tool so as to create a working loop.

The automatic follow unfollow work the same way in Jarvee for both, you have the same option in the unfollow tool as well!

Hey T! I don’t see the option for stopping the unfollow tool after the daily limit is reached :frowning: I’m on Jarvee’s latest version (3/7), could you send me a screenshot of the option?

It’s automatic, once you reach the daily limit it will stop

I know it will stop, but will it turn off the unfollow tool automatically and then turn on the follow tool? That’s what I mean. You can do that with the follow tool since the previous update but I can’t seem to recreate the functionality for the follow tool…

You find this under F/U Limits

I know where to find them, please check my las post regarding what I am actually trying to achieve brother, this is what I mean, the option to stop the unfollow tool and automatically start the follow tool after the unfollow tool’s daily limit is reached is missing, so I’m trying to find a configuration that will do something close to that with the current settings…