How to avoid 7 days block?

can some one indicate the issue with 7days block?
In my experience it is not related to type of bot but to the way you doing actions.
Doing 200 follow manually most probably will trigger it.
Also more new accounts will get it more.

I mean those are really rear for me, so it is hard to spot a pattern but once in 2 month I get one so I am not sure what is it related to.

Any other things you see ?

Literally only thing you can do is lower your actions or try new proxies and see if it gets better. Maybe you’ve just reached limits.

that is False.
7 days have a pattern a clear one.

I’ve never had any 7 days block by doing F/UF - someone?

Me neither. I’ve had regular action blocks and they can last anyway from a couple of hours to a couple of days. It really depends.

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how do you know the block is for exactly 7 days?
what type of block is it?

It’s time stamped, so it tells you the expiry date.

Never heard or seen anything similar, sorry.

The found reason: Pattern.
Searching too many times will lead to 7 days block. not marking contextual in follow tool can be an issue.

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Thanks for the update, yeah scraper accounts are good to take over searches (scraping API calls).

still to go to account x to follow it you will need to search it or fake it. so scrapers are not related.

Pattern has NOTHING to do with action blocks/hard blocks from my experience. I use same patterns, no variables for over a year and so far no problems.

Try cancel both Contextual in follow / unfollow .
You will hit 7 days block.
Follow by search first cause that. might be an old algo IG forgot to cancel.

In the last 10-12 months, I had no hard blocks until a few days ago on a new client account…it got 3 days, then I start slow and at first action another 3 days…I leave it for 4 days and start…I got another 3 days…I might leave it at rest for 1 week or more…I had the same experience a few years ago with a few accounts.
So…the client account was new…made on the same device where he had his old account lost on 1 April wave…I started it super slow but I guess they tie the devices ID’s…etc

How do you mean? Scraping API calls are just that, searching for eligible users instead of your main accounts which will execute actions on them afterward.

but the scraper not doing the follow - right !?
It is the account it self.
The way (flow) it reach the account can be done by search and follow
Explore & follow
Search Influenccer - scroll followers - follow

and many ways … the search one is limited.

Have you found solution to this? I’m having hard blocks for the past 2 weeks, and can’t wrap my head around this nor find the reason why I’m still continuing getting these HBs. I’m doing M/S

I’m using quality 4G proxies, so it’s definitely not proxies.

When I add new accounts on the server, I always get the HBs after 3 days of doing actions. After 7 day the HB is lifted, and then after 3 days of the account doing actions again, the HB is back on those same accounts that were previously HB.

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Your warmup is too harsh if your getting HB early

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Use real phones OR dont overdo daily/monthly actions, avoid too much accounts per proxy.

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@heroeslair I thought so too at the beginning, but been testing for the past 2-3 weeks and had 3 different warmup settings, and no difference…

@DonPapo I’m doing M/S, and also, there are proxies that have 4-5 accounts only that these accounts get the HB.

Thanks for the reply guys, but I don’t think it’s this. Like, today just when the accounts got out of nightmode and started the operation for Follow, they instantly got the HB, they didn’t even do 1 Follow, they were still in warmup (Im doing 10 follows day 1, inc by 10 daily) and I also use inc. actions per operation, so on average Day 1, they do 4 follows/h, day 2 - 6follows etc…

It’s very very weird, can’t find any pattern. Have a friend who uses the same setup, and has no issues (same proxy, same everything), so it’s very very weird…