How to avoid facebook blocking domains while posting?

i just want to ask if i post a viral content website only 1 domain
and i’m sharing heavily on my accounts wall / groups how to avoid being blocked domain ?
thanks a lot guys

any one can help with that ?? :disappointed_relieved:

I haven’t tested this in a while but here’s one way you were able to do it before. Should still work.

  1. Create a post with a link to the url you wish to promote.
  2. Add a unique and relevant hashtag to this post that isn’t used by anyone else.
  3. Spam this hashtag with other content of your choosing where ever you wish.
  4. When people click on the hashtag, they find your post linking to your website.

Sure it requires two clicks instead of one for people to reach your url but at least used to work with no problems.

Let us know the results if you try it out.


Don’t post that url that much :slight_smile: But that defeat the purpose somewhat. Create an intermediary page like @Danari suggest , that will also work.

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@Johnny @Danari thanks guys :slight_smile: