How to avoid fanpages interacting with same profiles in jarvee? [Mother/Slave]

Hey guys, I am 10 fan pages, and the targets for all 10 are different from my local niche; I keep seeing that many of the profiles the fan pages are following is already either a follower of the main account or targeted via other fan pages cause of the same niche.

2 Ways to do this I don’t want to use

1 - I know the way to scrape the followers of the main account and add them to the blacklist so they are not targeted via fan pages, but I want to keep the API calls low, so I only keep minimal scraping settings for follow tool for all 10 fan pages.

Also, with this one, I will only be able to skip the extracted followers of my main account, but the new ones it keeps getting everyday wont to be there, so there is a chance the issue of the fan page interacting with the same profiles will keep happening.

2 - Scrape the users from the main account, use the setting in the photo, and send them to the fan pages, but that is also a risk on the main account, which I don’t want to take, so not using that either.


It would really be great if anyone of you let me know if there is a way to do it.

Also have sent the support an email for a feature request.

Don’t interact with the user who is already following an X profile

So we can turn this on for all fan pages and put the main account there so it will always check if the user if following the main and decide whether to interact with it or not.

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I am speaking to support about this and they are saying the users wont understand how many API calls it can take per check and it can be dangerous.

If we can let them know that we know how settings work and how already multiple dangerous settings are available on the tool so this is not going to make such difference.

This is what support is saying on the on the feature.

I run lots of fanpages and don’t really have an issue with it. If you share sources accross the accross and have follow and contact different users it should be fine.

If the person has a big account then people will feel they are legit fanpages anyway.

For Instagram, you may go to Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > Different Users tab and there are options there such as ‘Enable Follow Different Users Across All Accounts’ and if enabled, Jarvee will not follow the same target account anymore once one of your IG accounts in Jarvee has already followed it.


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Hey thanks for this so i have kept the settings on and now it wont follow a same user from multiple accounts?

for eg 1 account is following many of my targets from multiple accounts and if this user is followed from one of them then it wont follow that user from the other accounts is that right?

Does jarvee keep a track of all the usernames followed and skip them if they are scraped again via other accounts?

If you want to make sure your slaves does not follow the same people enable “Follow different users across all accounts”. This way, Jarvee will make sure every account follows/scrapes unique user.

Since Jarvee keeps the scraped/followed results history, make sure not to remove this from the accounts. This history is connected to the account, Jarvee reffers to this as “Unique Name”. This is like an account Unique ID

Basically each account has a Unique Name. Each unique name has it’s own data. Since we are talking about Follow, to explain furhter, Jarvee keeps this record in the Ignore tab (every user that has been followed is here).

You can find the Ignore tab if you open the account in Social Profiles > Ignore tab (this is the Unique Name blacklist basically)
You can find your unique name if you open the account and at the bottom, under the Status button. If you need multiple accounts unique names, just select the accounts > export account > find the column that says “unique name”

Why is this important.
In case you remove/delete an IG account, the unique name is also gone, if you create new account Jarvee simply generates new “unique name”. Since Jarvee doesn’t have this data now, even if u select Follow different users across all accounts, you can follow people previously followed by the account that was deleted.

So, don’t delete your accounts. If you want to delete IG account and add a new one, simply change the username/password/email and other info on the same “unique name”, so you can keep the data of the previous IG account. basically you keep the unique name and just change the IG account information.
This way, Jarvee will have all history and you never will follow the same accounts again.

Also, when adding new IG account to the same “unique name”, before adding, just clear cookies and resed device ID. You don’t want IG to know that you use the same browser/ device ID from the previous account on a new one.

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To add to this. Just read your thread.

You also want the Slaves not to follow accounts who are already following your Master account.
I can understand why this would take a ton of API calls, since before following the Slave/Scraper would need to go to the target user and check it’s followings, and depending on how many followings the target user has it might take up to 75 API calls, maybe more… basically that’s x75 times more API calls made just to get 1 user for 1 follow… (the scrapers scrape up to 100 users per 1 API, the max amount of followings an account can have is 7500, hence 75+ API calls) and this is only if u have 1 username there.

The best way for me would be to extract the followers of your account myself with Scrape Tools and add the usernames to any account “Ignore tab”.
So MP will check this internaly (as I explained above with the unique name data) and not using API calls.


Thanks a lot for the info that makes sense now i was never aware about the ignore tab even though i always saw it.

Also i had done these settings and in my ignore tab of my fanpages i don’t have any thing but it’s only been 5 hours so maybe it says 1 day for it to get the data there.

The fanpages have been following and sending dm’s to users since so maybe i need to wait for a day more so i can get to know properly.

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hmm, I’m not sure when it’s beeing updated, but deffinitely should be within 24 hours.
Just went and saw that user was added in the ignore list after 2 hours since it’s been followed by the account, but there is also users that were followed from today like 10 hours ago and are not in the ignore list. So maybe the software updates them before the next operation/after sync/ etc… no idea
I never had issues with targeting same user before, all I know is that’s working, so never bothered to look too much into it :smiley:

Also, you should see users beeing added in the ignore tab, regardless if you have those enabled in the settings

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I have the setting on for 15 hours and in my ignore list for all accounts, there is no user. Maybe it will take more time just to get it.

I also tried manual sync on accounts, and still they don’t have any users there.

Will wait and test more and see when they start getting added.

Is there any other setting needed to be done to send them to ignore tab or something or it happens automatically once those settings are ticked?