How to avoid getting banned/blocked on instagram while using jarvee?

i got jarvee a few weeks ago and i thought i had my settings pretty tuned after some trial and error but i still seem to be getting blocked or forced to re-verify. i have my ramp up settings done aswell so i only follow or unfollow 10 to 20 per day. it will max out about 500 actions i about a month but it keep getting blocked before i get the actions up to more then 20 per day. i also have the same account on my phone if that helps. thanks for any advice you can share!

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Find a Time Machine and go back one year ago, It will works.

Now honestly you have to use good proxies, you need a high trusted account, go slowly, many functions wont work on JV anymore, scraps with another account, test with other accounts first and test again. I hope It helps Mate.




Can’t emphasise enough the importance of proxy quality

Which proxies do you reccomend? I am new to proxies and my mind is blown, I have the original mp still but I havent used it in a while and my accounts kept getting action blocked, shadow banned and I had to re-verify all the time.

ask @HenryCooper he is the man

Is far more complex than just “proxies”, I recommend you to read other threads in this forum.

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As @Noirorion pointed out a lot of “trust” has been shifted away from proxies to the accounts. This happens quite a few months ago already and will probably - I hope not - stick like that. Especially since it makes more sense and makes automation harder.

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There are several services offering “branded proxies” such as twitter proxies or Instagram proxies. Most of them are working proxies, so after you get them, you won’t have any issues connecting them. But, this doesn’t mean that your account will be able to “spam” others.

In the end, you still need to manage your accounts properly.