How to avoid PV when creating accounts

My first topic here at MPSocial and hope it can help a few of you out.

I have seen in the past few days that some people are seeing phone verification as soon as they create an account.

I have tested a few methods out and think I have found a way around this.

When you create the IG account you are automatically redirected to your account and you have already been logged in, at the same time you get an email asking you to verify that it’s your email address.


I have found that using the account before verifying has 100% eliminated the PV step when creating a new account, this doesn’t mean that when the account scales it won’t happen but it means when creating them you won’t need to complete this step.

I found that around 5-10 minutes of activity is enough, add a profile image, short bio, follow some users, like/comment on some posts etc.

My thinking behind this was a real user wouldn’t create the account and verify the email address right away, they’re most probably excited to see what the app is about + IG doesn’t have a call to action for you to verify the email right away they want you to interact on the platform, hence the suspicion on IG’s behalf when an account is verified to soon.

Now this may or may not have already been shared here before but thought I’d share just incase it helped a few people out.



Good one, Mike! There are plenty of people here who create accounts on a mass scale so I am sure they’ll give this idea a test.

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Welcome to the club. Thanks for sharing.

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Bookmarked this tip :slight_smile:

surely try next time

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Good tip, and very interesting.

I have been hit hard with PVs and instantly banned accounts. I think what it comes down to is this: if you aren’t treating a new account like a new account in the hands of a normal user using the IG app, they will notice and act accordingly.

Every account that I’ve created “the old fashioned way” using the app hasn’t given me any grief, even after adding it to MP. Where people (including myself) get stuck is when trying to do multiples at once, and thinking that they can get away with using MP to nuture baby accounts. I don’t think that’s possible anymore. If it is, someone please PM me the deets :wink:

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if register account using MP embed browser , they ask to put the phone number… after that you need to give the code verified… this the problem.

Buying aged accounts solves this problem ^

And yes, your spot on. I would only wait until Instagram ask me before I verify. I started doing this on my last 100 accounts and in the time of approx 30-40 days since setup, only 24/100 of those accounts have asked for phone verification.

age account. after buy. only change the phone number?

Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if I do: try to do just a few actions per day ( nothing more than 50 follow, like per day ) 5 comments and 2 posts and keep it this way for a week and then you can raise your settings little by little.

@mandc I don’t use the embedded browser, I follow this tutorial for creating accounts but instead of using dedicated/rotating IP’s I simply reset my router for each new account which gives me a new IP address. An alternative way is to use hotspots which I have access to as part of my internet package and are supplied for free by my ISP.

Don’t ever use the embed browser to register because the browser is not designed to spoof all the footprints such as UserAgent, Canvas, Audio, Timezone, Language adn etc…It is just for you to browse your account manually.