How to avoid these errors?

How to avoid these errors?
I make 12 subscriptions per day no more than 20.
The account is old, I warm it up.
Full Browser Exp is up and running.image

Goto tools - at the bottom choose “show api errors calls” there you can see what’s behind

You need to check recent errors to know where those errors come from.

go to Tools > enter your account name in the filter field > click Execute Actions > Export Most recent API Error calls

Is there a fix?

How not to receive them? What are these errors because of? image

The best way to deal with the API errors is to add more scrappers, Jarvee has a logic to use the scrappers equally that way the more scrappers you have the fewer API calls every scrapper has to do.

and if you keep getting API blocks, stopping the tool/scrapping for a few hours up to one day should solve the issue.

they are status history, not most recent API error calls

Are you running other tools as well?
Your account might have made too many api calls.

You should fix the temporary locked status on your account.
Open the account on EB to see what verification you need to do. Your account will most likely get get help signing in status after that. there are already a lot of threads about get help signing in on this forum.

1 I have a scrub account and it does well.
2 IP 4g for 1 account.
3. I use Like and subscribe.
Made only 10 Likes and 5 Subscriptions.
Support limits are approved and no more than 10 per hour.
4.Turned on the action browser.
5. Random actions included
But I suspect that because of this everything ((

I had an account and there I turned on only the Browser walker and random actions.
But there is also a temporary block.image