How to become a verified profile?

I’ve never seen this before!

This guy has his personal profile verified with a check mark?

Does anyone know how he did this?

Sure do.He spent a lot of money or knows someone that knows someone at FB.

For someone who has a verified account, he sure has very few followers and engagements

I have a friend who is an actor, he has a huge fan page following and facebook office in our city offered to give him a verified account without him asking for it

So if you are a well-known public figure, it comes free and easy

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And if your not, it’s pay to play.

It’s also mostly for show, won’t bring any other benefits :smiley:

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It used to be that way.
Now they’re testing a new thing where these verified profiles can make money from it


While this is correct as well as what @benny says below, many people want it and trust it. Your chances of followback increase greatly, as well as it’s easier to be an influencer.

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true…so I guess it depends if you’re willing to spend 6-12 months getting that verification mark or alternately spendinga lot of money for it…

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