How to boost engagement ? Save ? Story views?

Ok ok, so the title isn’t exactly what you think i mean.
It’s a simple question, how does a save, a view, a like, and a comment boost your engagement.
By how i mean how well, and also if the quality of the accounts that saved or view the video matters.
What i wonder too is : does the date of the post matter on the impact that this have?

If you people have run test, or know things. I ´d be glad to know

Yes and No. It’s always better to post when your followers are most active on Instagram so you can get more engagement.

Saves and DM’s pushes your content to even more people… Also if the user looks and zooms in/out on your image/video - it also helps to get you more reach in the next post. IG algo likes those things


I think @Alexnvo has mentioned a few times that saves is a good indicator to predicting how viral a post can go. (as far as explore page goes, I think)


Often 50 percent or greater than like a likes. 100 likes with 50 saves as an example I seen as high as 200 percent on really viral ones


Thanks for your answers ! Really appreciate it
I ´m trying to have something else but follow module as growth method

Do you guys think that for example, me, a lambda user usually interested in sport, saving a post about music or food. Do you think it still has an impact

Tldr : does the quality or niche of the account saving the content matters ?

I think it matters whether followers or non-followers do those saves/dms/etc… If a post has a lot of saves from non-followers - probably smm panel unless the post really went viral. Actually it would be good if Jarvee can zoom in/out and watch at image/video for x amount of time. You just input the post url/acc and with your slaves you do this. I believe the reach will increase on main acc…also dm’ing posts with spintax also would help

Just know this. The more of each in the shortest time first from accounts own followers and it’s higher than average will make it – as a rule - a good or very good post

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What do you mean by saving? I see the tool but still have no idea what the toll actually does? Cheers

you can save, dm, comment, like the post lol

OK I see. But how does that help with botting?

to boost engagement rate?