How To Build A Legitimate Accessory / Fashion Brand via Ecommerce, Great Idea & Gameplan Looking For Experts Advice

Hey Everyone,

Looking for advice and or to connect w/someone to exchange ideas, tactics, etc. I work by myself all day and have no one to bounce ideas and share knowledge with.

So first off, here’s my website and Instagram.

I personally think the website & Instagram are extremely legit (as of the last 2-3 post, I have 90 picts scheduled & ready to go on this professional calibre. I will be posting on IG stories 4x a week w/5 posts as well. The bracelet posts were just content fillers while I built the backend “brand”)

All accessories are shipping in a custom Magari Box w/a custom leather bag, card of authenticity, etc so the branding and packaging is legit. My bracelets are the only things that are priviate labeled everything else i’m just packaging as if it was a magari product. All shipment and fulfilment is from the US,

+Right now i’m running engagement campaigns targeting different adsets to build up my “warm audience”
+Remarketing for purchase conversions using website views and page endgamenta
+Running LLA’s on purchases conversations on my website views
+I’m running the collection ads, so it’s a picture then a shoppable gallery of my images underneath
**I am not retargeting on IG Stories, should I be?

At the moment I am not making a return on investment and know I should not be because i am building a BRAND, I am not selling the new cool widgit from aliexpress, I’v done that in the past, it’s cool but not my long term play.


  1. How often should I switch up the creative for retargeting?
    +2 new pieces of content per month. (1 new video, 1 new photo)

  2. Is there anything else really I should be doing? Just keep on collecting data, building my warm audience and retargeting, right? I have experience w/Facebook Ads for local biz, gathering leads, selling bs aliexpress products but not brand building. It sucks when ya spend 1k on ads month 1 and dont see an immediate ROI.

Hit up the influencer game hard and remarket heavy on IG and Facebook
I want to offer them x amount of dollars in product and potentially free service on my IG Growth ($100 a month value) I might pay some but if I can give them $20 worth of product for a “$200” post i’ll play that game all day. I will have VA’s manage the collection of influencers and my intern / mentee handle the negotions and deals.

I should get this up and running ASAP, right? How should I allocate my budgets?

50% influencers
30% adwords
20% retargeting on fb (should i ditch cold traffic from FB ads in it’s entirity)

Also, mailing lists, automation, etc are all set up as well.

Looking for some direction on what I should do and a little bit of guidance. I have the branding, product and website down and now it’s just time to spread the work.

If someone else is experienced would love to chop it up and talk. I would not say i am an expert but def not new to this game.



That’s great you’re looking into branding from the right perspective.

However, what is your customer acquisition strategy? How do you plan on acquiring your first 100 customers?

You should also decide and figure out which platform provides the best ROI for you and if the cost of acquiring a customer makes sense.

In retail, the margins can be very thin so it requires sharp strategy and thankless work.

I think the one thing that would make a real difference in terms of scaling and succeeding would be figuring out a good cost-effective customer acquisition funnel.

Would be happy to learn more about your approach.

Good luck.


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Glad to see someone here atleast trying to build an actual brand as a possible long term asset.
A few recommendations:

  • VC custom audiences that you turn into LLA’s are the weakest LLA’s possible.

  • Instead , try to go for ATC/PUR LLA’s ( if you have enough data ) If you don’t , you might as well try top visitors by time spent (LLA’s )

  • Additionally, videos are killing it currently. I’d suggest getting some video content done, for both - your engagement campaigns and most importantly you conversion campaigns. Afterwards, you can make some LLA’s from 75%+ video viewers as well ( you won’t need much data for this and it will be effective )

  • For retargeting - I hope you’re using DPA’s ( dynamic product ads). That way you don’t really need to change content there.

  • Additionally, I would strongly suggest you to try content marketing as well. PPE could work, but the creative should be something valuable , not selly. ( Bracelet/Necklace fashion blogpost etc., you get the idea ) - This could warm up the audience very good as well.

  • As for instagram: Especially in your niche, where there are ( I suppose) pretty high profit margins on your products, I would recommend going for as much barters as possible, but try to maintain long-term influencer relationships, for example sending monthly bracelets/necklaces in return for a few posts per month.

And don’t forget to utilise massplanner!!! Use dummy acc’s for influencer search, build fanpages, etc!

I hope that this somehow helps. Good luck!


Since you didn’t mention it take a look at possible cross and upsells (jewelry cleaner or something like that).

Influencer marketing, very important! Try to negotiate a long term deal (1 month, 3 months, 12 months) and set aside a budget for that. Way better than doing occasional deals, it’s like retargeting the same audience and builds more trust in your brand (people see their favorite influencer wear your product regularly).

Buy ad words so rank first when people search for your product. Use ads to target specific people (birthday, christmas, holidays) and offer a special (illusionary) discount.

You could also hire a marketing team or company if you have the budget.

Hope I could help in any way!


For targeting people w/birthdays or holidays, in this case…would I target their spouse? If it’s a male product, would I target there wife? Do you have any experience with this…not sure how i’d go about setting up an adset targeting a a wife, who husbands birthday is in xyz and catering my ad directly to them.

Thank you for the influencer advice and also adwords.

Hi Gaqx,

  1. VC, are you referring to video views or something else? Can you elabroate more. What is my strongest LLA besides ATC / Purchase?

  2. Working on videos as we speak. Going to create a 30-45 second video for the gram. For retargeting purposes do you also use 75% video watched?

  3. I’m using DPA - however i’m using the collection feature where there are 3 product images (dpa) under a video or image,then when you click it opens up your entire item catalgoue. i’d like to change that main creative…every 30 days should be good for retargeting?

  4. when you say content marketing, would you suggest fashion tips or something a long the lines of that, is that what you are referring too?

  5. That’s my plan, barter & work out deals.

Thanks for the input

First 100 Customers:
Through advertising and marketing (everything listed above)

Still testing ALL possibilty. FB Ads, IG Ads, Google Shopping, Influnecers

Do you have any ideas, suggestions on a funnel?