How to build new fb acc


Every time I create with email or phone number acc I get blocked and asked to verify identity how to build my acc so fb don’t asks verifyidentity ?


Following since i will need some too and i don’t think that buying may work for me since none of the account provider is from my region.
I never created so far, is that hard? Doing a similar way as IG lead to instant verification?


Did you followed someone? I saw on bhw accounts that came with cookies and browser, so they will work, but even this way you should be able to make an account, try to use a fresh browser cleaned.


What method are you using to create the Facebook accounts?


Pretty sure you need to have multiple pics of the same person and keep some not posted to use as verification. Have bought aged accounts and they come with pics.


im also wondering this


Yes I agree with this. However also, im not sure how good their face recognition systems are these days, but we just tried to create a new account for my girlfriend with her actuay pictures and it wouldnt let us do it, did it over a brand new mobile ip and device and it flagged as if someone else trying to create an account with her details. Maybe because same name and birthdate, i dont know. annoying, as her ads account is dissabled so want to make a new profile and start fresh. Maybe have to totally delete her old facebook first?


I found way which works for me and let me create fresh fb acc. I did these steps: 1.I uninstaled Google Chrome and all cache or you can download Tor Browser. 2. Wrote in the windows search bar " Disk cleanup" and press left button and choose “Run as admin” and then I just check all boxes and cleaned everything. 3. Then I downloaded again Google Chrome and instantly wrote facebook…com 4.Pressed create account, and used my phone number to create acc, then I needed to wait till I get sms notification on my mobile phone 6 digits code ( I waited about 30-40mins, idk why so long) prob you need to wait no longer than 5-6 mins to receive code. 6. I don’t force anything when I created acc just slow build acc, adding my photo adding all information about me and what I like. 7. I have person
identification card and some of his picks, so if I need to go throught security check I can easily pass it.


Buy aged accounts, get good proxies like Verona’s, done


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This is not a topic-related question, but do you think it’s a good idea to create Instagram accounts with aged facebook accounts? So these accounts are directly business accounts and maybe it helps with the trust score. What do you think?


you should buy aged facebook account and asked the buyers provide login cookies and friend photo backup.


Is it still working? Did the checkpoint appear in any moment?


I heard that FB has it’s own algorithm for detecting mass registration with fake friends and even fake buttons