How to bulk edit EB Instagram profiles in Jarvee?

Is it possible to bulk edit EB Instagram profiles in Jarvee? Like bio, profile pic, username etc.

I see the edit with spin option but it wont work and im thinking its because of the account is in Embedded browser only mode. Is it not possible to bulk edit in Jarvee like this while using the EB?

It is possible, but I 100% do NOT recommend you do this because it can lead to ALL of your accounts getting PV, Captcha, 24hr Review, etc

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Profling via eb will cause problems? Why is that? So its better to profile via api and then run them in eb? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there was a link between your accounts when you did it and that caused issues.

How did you do it? Ive checked and tried but it wont let me bulk edit on EB

Are you editing on the same proxy?

Different proxies for different accounts

I just read your OP again. I think you’re right and that might be the reason.