How to buy big Instagram accounts?


I am looking to buy an account with 2-4 million followers on Instagram in the fashion niche. What do you think the best way to buy a big account with a few million followers would be? I’m not looking for a quality account, just a cheap one with a large number of followers.
Would you recommend something like frame swap?

If you don’t care about engagement, it might be cheaper to just use a SMM panel and buy followers?

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Can you really buy a few million followers through an SMM panel? Do you have any recommendations as to who I should contact to fulfill such a big order? thanks

I haven’t tried, but I’m sure there’s someone on MP Social that can offer this

1m non drop followers is going to be ridiculously hard to find.

If this was last year, then yeah… you could easily buy a million followers, and be good. If you buy 1m followers nowadays, half will be gone by the end of the week… while the rest slowly start to drop.

You can browse through Public Marketplace category and see if you will find some offers for what you are looking for, at least for buying followers. :slight_smile: