How to change IP Address with Amazon EC2

Hi, I’ve been using Jarvee for years through Amazon’s Windows EC2 without problems but can’t get around the recent action blocks. Can anyone please explain in layman terms what I need to do to change to a good new ip address or proxy for my EC2?

Stop then start the EC2 you well get a new IP. Rebooting won’t get one.

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Huge thank you! I had no idea it was that simple.

Hi folks, if I stop the EC2 it says: " * Any data on the ephemeral storage of your instances will be lost." will this affects Jarvee installed on EC2?

Can I stop e restart without loosing Jarvee?

EDIT: It will not delete Jarvee (just tried) :smiley:

I dont have the answer but i need some help here too. I am running a vrtual windows machine on amazon Lightsail and i am am paying about 70 eu per month. What is the difference on running it on EC2? I dont see a pricing on ec2 btw.