How to change MPSocial Account Email?

Hello! I want to change my MPSocial Account Email to more useful and more regularly checked one so that I don’t miss the updates of MPSocial.

Please let me know how to do so?

Yes, I have checked the settings but I don’t see the option to change there.


Send a DM to @adnan and he might be able to change it for you


Hi, I did message @adnan but it seems like he’s busy or something. Is there any alternative?

I’m still looking for someone to come and help me with this.

It’s not possible to change your MPSocial email.

I’m sure admins might have way to do so if security and activity is concerned. Since, I don’t want to loose my account (for obvious reason) and I don’t want to risk my account too.

If you could tag some team members?

P.S.: I know User can’t change the email, But admins can for sure.

I have talked with @Adnan about this, he said the emails can’t be changed.