How to check if an account is legit?

I am checking some IG accounts and I’ve been using Hyperauditor, Modash and IGBlade but all of them give different results. How is the best way to check if the account is good or has fake followers, likes and comments?
Thank you

scrape followers
scrape likers of recent 9 posts

check if likers match the followers

EDIT: this can give you a basic understanding & helps if the ER is solid

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Thank you! this makes sense…

Just look at the types of followers on the posts and the latest followers they have.

Thank you, this also will help me

I would also check the commenters’ profiles. sometimes comments from fake profiles are obvious, check if they follow the account. if most of them are private or look fake, it means the account’s engagement is most likely bought from a smm panel.

Thank you! I will use this information too