How to check if the proxy is working?

I was able to load all my scrapers fine on a mobile proxy. Then I was able to load 1 account on another proxy and then after that it’s saying can’t connect to the internet. So what does this mean and what do I do?

You can check your proxy on

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Follow the link if you want to share your proxies with him :man_facepalming: no offence :man_shrugging:


I don’t completely get your comment

Hey @wanderingbillygoat, its best to not use random proxy checkers as you are sharing your proxy credentials.

The best ways to check that your proxy is working:

  1. If you are a Jarvee user, you can use the proxy manager by entering the proxy details in the fields & click “verify”. If the status displays “valid” then your proxy is working.

  2. Check your proxy providers website. Often times proxy providers provide a free tool for checking your services. Sometimes across forums, providers sometimes do not operate a website so this may not be an option.

  3. An alternative way to check your proxies is by using the following proxy tool: Proxy Tester – FOGLDN

This is a trusted proxy tool & I have personally used for a long time.

  1. A manual approach to check your proxies would be by using Firefox browser+ Foxy Proxy extension for Firefox. In the extension you can manually enter your proxy details in the field, switch “on”, & then browse the web on your proxy.

Please note: If your proxy is configured with whitelist ip authentication, you will need to check the proxy on your vps or home pc that contains the whitelisted ip address. If the proxy is configured with user:pass then any of the above methods will work successfully no matter what ip address you`re accessing from.

I hope that helps,

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Okay thank you very much. I found that I updated Windows and it was able to fix everything.

This is not my website, I was using it few years ago to check my proxies.