How to choose your username

It’s one of the first things to do when creating an account - here’s my steps on how to choose a good one.

  1. Write a list of all words that relate to your niche.
  2. If you can combine your name or area with one of the words to provide alliteration (eg travelthomas, danishdancer) or rhyming this is great!
  3. If not, combine with
    A. An adjective.
    B. “the” or “my” before it
    C. “time”, “tale” or a word that makes it sound specific but can always apply to the account after it.

Avoid using:

  1. Numbers
  2. Underscores
  3. Misspellings (eg, daancer just because dancer is already taken)
  4. Difficult to remember names
  5. Difficult to pronounce names

Even though I’m just choosing slave account usernames, I accept I probably will be stuck with it forever and realise it’s an important step.
Don’t be lazy and use any of the 5 “to avoid” rules - start over again and you will thank yourself further down the line!

Any more suggestions are very welcome (especially for slave accounts).

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Underscores can be okay though, just not on it’s own at the end of a username (it looks weird af)

Misspellings are ok in some cases too. If they are common and used wisely.

or simply, if the name you like is busy, try to buy it. a few times I managed to buy very nice names for $ 100. These people were delighted that they made money, and I was also because I sold those names for $ 1,000-5000 later.

who knows, maybe the person who bought it from me sold even more expensive :sweat_smile:

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@jimiiz Ahaha, awesome man. Such a good business ! :clap:

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Great suggestions I’ve found that naming slaves is never really a problem if you have common sense, sometimes even adding the main in the tag works for me.

Underscores are definitely fine to use. Especially when you want to seperate some words. I would also suggest to use namelix if you cant come up with a decent username. It gave me lots of inspiration when I had troubles with that plus you can just copy and paste logo they provide and even customize it.

We think naming the slave similarly to the main is a good idea, apart from promoting a business?
For example slaves for an influencer.

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Right whenever it’s a “fan” situation it seems to work better

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