How to clickbait better?

Regardless of the title, how do you guys deal with customers that only want local fame?

Asking for a friend. He needs the answer for research purposes at school, but you don’t know him because he’s hanging around another forum.

Let’s say you approach a cold potential client and he is interested to listen to you until one thing tells him to ask the supreme question: “is it possible to target only people in a 5 miles radius?”

How you “defend” yourself from this one?

Your turn.

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It’s not possibly to target that detailed :thinking:

Yes it is but not with IG/FB Marketing :wink:

In cases like this I usually explain why social media is not the right channel to market to such a narrowed down geographic targeting. If he wants to really just focus on 5 miles he will be better of to just hire some runners and book some billboards.

/edit: But this will be more expensive in the end than just start marketing to a radius of about 20miles on IG/FB :slight_smile:


You can target local restaurant/business near you.
So it will be approx 5 miles from you.

Question is how to turn around the question as the interest is to target a bigger audience.

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Well you can always call this card ↓↓:
“If you target a small radius, your ads might only show intermittently or not at all. That’s because small targets might not meet our targeting criteria.
Implementing radius targeting at scale remains difficult… and tedious, and with my experience and tests that i have done in the past it wouldn’t be as beneficial as you think to target only people in a 5 miles radius!
you are limiting your self from a lot of potential ”

i hope this could help!

well, thet friend is lucky to have you!

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