How to clone Instagram using App Cloner for the slave accounts?

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I read an amazing thread in the forum written by @Karthik_A related to the creation of new instagram accounts through App cloner.
He teaches you how to set app cloner to get a new id, etc. each time you have to create a new account, etc. This is very good (especially for scrapers accounts) because you create the account and then you log in it on Jarvee or wherever and after that, you can get a new id and new parameters in the cloned app so you can still the creation of accounts without issues.

Now, the problem that I have is that I need some stable parameters on App cloner to keep the slaves accounts on my mobile. For example, I don’t want a new ID each time I open a slave account on the cloned instagram app from my mobile. Some App Cloner settings are more obvious, but I would be really grateful if somebody has some advice? :heart_eyes: (Did I said I would be really grateful? :rofl: )

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I hope my comment is understood, since I do not speak English. Anyway, I understand that AppCloner gives you the option to keep the application id all the time and renew only if you require it. But if what you want is to assign a specific id yourself, you would have to do it for each clone, which could take a considerable time.

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you can use mobile emulator like Nox, LD player with proxy app like proxydroid

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And then have your user agent be Nox / LD related? Not worth it. Instagram knows when you create accounts with emulators.


I see some controversy about this issue so:


  • EMULATORS (Nox, LD Player, etc.)
  • MOBILE (App Cloner, etc.)

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Instagram is ok with managing or browsing from emulator, but i agree with you when it comes to creating accounts using emulator.

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Did you try that by multiplayer?

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I’m non-technical :disappointed_relieved:
Would you explain what’s user agent?

“Definition: A user agent is any software that retrieves, renders and facilitates end user interaction with Web content, or whose user interface is implemented using Web technologies.”

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Play with the settings,that information was incomplete and missed one or two parameters that had to be selected,when you go and see all the settings inside the app cloner then you will see that one or two options needs to be checked in order to completely clone the app perfectly without getting detected.

1.Redirect External Storage(It was not mentioned but we need to check this also)
2.Deselect the create new identity option if you want to keep those accounts even after closing the cloned app.