How to clone videos and get views

I saw some accs post the same video over and over again and get views on all of them and when i tried only the first cloned video got views.

Upload the video saved in camera roll and don’t change anything and finally add the same sound it should works

Sound is already in vid

yeah go to the settings and put origina sound to 0 then add the sound bcs if you don’t your video won’t be pushed out. Trust me

U mean put original sound to 0? And how do u add sound after that. I just repost vid from another acc and download it

you can’t reupload the video from an other account and there is button where you can add the sound

have you tried that @silver21? does that really how they do it? sounds interesting.

yep just make sure to not crop the OG video and also you don’t need to delete the first one.

@Adnan how can we user original sounds for repost videos? at this moment its a new sound, but i want to use the orifinal one likes this song from that tiktok

Hey there,
no feature like that atm, but send Feature Request and we’ll see what can be done.