How to continue botting (liking) until Jarvee updates/fixes issues

Hello automation nerds,

A lot of people are still having issues with Jarvee even with the settings recommended in the previous topics. @Ariel_Blanco shared a browser based app that has been working for him and a few others, with some instructions on how to use it. The instructions were not 100% clear, so I have put together a step by step process for you all.

I am opening a new Topic as users are more likely to open with this topic title and may find some sort of relief.


  • You can like a lot without getting blocked
  • Very easy to use


  • It’s not Jarvee
  • It’s not as powerful as Jarvee
  • It’s not Jarvee
  • Can’t purchase pro at the moment
  • It’s not Jarvee :frowning:

Steps to get Everliker Working

  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Install Everliker extension

  3. Install SwitchyOmega extension

  4. Set up your proxy for the account you intend to use in this tab only
    4.1. Protocal: HTTP
    4.2. Server: Your Proxy IP
    4.3. Port: Your Proxy port
    4.4. Press the lock icon and enter your username and password.

  5. Make sure the proxy is online and working

  6. Open

  7. Login to the account you wish to grow with the proxy you set up from step 4

  8. Setup Everliker settings to grow that account (I can help with this if requested)

Steps to use Everliker with multiple accounts (There was no mention of this)

  1. Click on the user icon between the extensions and the dropdown menu button (3 vertical dots)
  2. Click Manage People
  3. Click Add new person
  4. Add a name and choose an icon
  5. A new window will open
  6. Follow steps 1-8 from before

Repeat as many times as desired (or as much as your system can handle)

Edit* I am no longer doing this. But for those who are still using this method, I believe that you are able to sync tabs with a profile, so if you restart your VPS you can just click to restore.


Is this just an app for likes? Will this application on my laptop give advice on 100 accounts? : D Thank you very much for this tutorial <3

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Thank you for this share and clearification.
An overview and step by step guide like this makes it very easy to setup. Also thanks to @Ariel_Blanco for being the main source for this solution


I’m not sure to be honest, I have only set it up for liking on a few accounts. You should be able to use jarvee with this app at the same time.


This program only allows you to like photos?
Watch and comment, no?

No idea, sorry! I think it may be only for liking.

Would love to get the pro version, hashtags are pretty much useless…

@Mastema thanks for clarifying his steps. How long have you been using this though?

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Really interesting, i will do some test

doing this for 100s of accounts seem very time consuming and will be very ressources consuming too, If it was a solution for Follows maybe it worth it but just to do likes I’m not in, prefer wait and see!!
BTW: you guide is pretty good a straight forward :+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks! Could we also add a list of everliker alternatives? Someone have news when their pro will be available again?

They’re giving away Pro for free now because of the recent action blocks, it’s actually affecting this app too. I’ve been using it for a while and have had to decrease the speed significantly in order not to get blocked.

I don’t seem to be able to get pro, ot’s not available, maybe it is for free for users that were already using everliker?

@StayStyled yes I think so… I see unavailable if I try to buy

If anyone needs an extension recommendation for following, I used Growbot during the latter half of the 6/4-6/29 follow block period (once my main account was unblocked). It’s not for power users - just to keep the lights on for your main / non-client accounts if the Jarvee EB / clear cookies solution isn’t working for you.

  • The Growbot extension has a 2-week free trial, then costs $6.99/mo.
  • You could maybe use it for 1-3 accounts (1-3 incognito Chrome windows). You could use it for more accounts by being creative, but again, it’s not a solution for power users.
  • It worked while I had API blocks on Jarvee, and before the EB / clear cookies solution was socialized.
  • Filters are much more basic than Jarvee, but include follow ratio, followers, followings, public/private accounts, post count, last posted date.
  • Follow timing settings are basic as well. You set an interval and random variation %.

Growbot’s how I got started with f/uf, before I eventually graduated to this forum/Jarvee. It’s a decent tool in a pinch.

Hashtags are useless when you don’t use them right.

Still useless since 99% of ppl doesn’t know how to tag properly their posts, they use shitty TagForLikes apps lol, targeting is bad.

Read this, implement it and you will be amazed how well Hashtags can help you grow an account.

It’s not about the tool but about how you make use of it.

The whole course contains a lot of value but when you just want to learn how to succeed with hashtags then skip to the part.

I can’t recommend the Jarvee course enough. Read that carefully and you won’t need something else except practicing yourself and updating the knowledge with this forum for example.

Thanks for the tip.
However Growbot says it is using your home IP address, so I guess I could not use Growbot for multiple accounts.
Were you using Growbot for multiple accounts?
Thank you

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Already seen this course, nothing new, been talked too much in this forum.

I’m using hashtags in my posts, everyone’s using hashtags in their posts here and it’s true you may get a lot of exposure if you’re doing it correctly (15,000 reach in my case). However a lot of reach doesn’t mean conversion into following, that’s what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of threads about this, you should take em a look.

Best way to target is by competitors in the same niche, it’s been always like that, it doesn’t matter the method you’re doing, f/u, ms…