How to creat and where an acc for CPA?

Hello guys!

i got some errors when i try creat on some pages accounts for CPA, can someone say how to create?

Thank You

What social network you’re referring to?

ogads etc etc

What errors are you getting exactly?

Based on the review questions that you’ve supplied us on the signup section of our network, We are sorry to inform you that your recent application to join has been Denied !

If you feel like this has been in error, please email us at, we are sorry this is the case but we must review all accounts manually for quality control purposes.

OK. What questions were you asked to answer and what have you answered there?

Traffic Sources

In detail, how do you plan to promote our offers and monetization tools? *

Please list your current content locking websites you own. *

So what have you answered there?

What usually works is saying you’ll create your own landing pages after you check out the offers, since OGAds already has its own LPs, you can skip that part and say you’ll use their LPs and host them on your own domains.

You can tell them you don’t have any websites with content locking to show since you’ll be using only theirs.

For traffic, say you’ll use CPC traffic, social promotion and traffic from search engines.

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Did you know some other websides to create an account for CPA?

Adworkmedia, CPAGrip, Peerfly, Maxbounty, Adscendmedia… There’s a lot of them, you can go to and check them out there.

OK i fixed that with OGads but know i didn’t found the links for clicks

Sorry, but I really don’t understand what you mean by “but know i didn’t found the links for clicks”

Where on the page find CPA links for click by other users

There’s no direct linking to offers in OGAds, you need to use their or your own landing pages and content locker.

where i can find pages CPA with direct links?

Man you really don’t read. And you gave yourself the proper nickname, I give you that.

I know that you gived me this links, but i ask if you can give page with direct links, you know better then me all this pages :smiley:

I’m not sure how you intend to promote something that you haven’t learned about. You should spend some more time reading about CPA and how everything works.

true, true but i need now just the webside with directly links for clicks from other users

Please list your current content locking websites you own.?