How to create accounts with virtual phone numbers?

So I’m wondering if anyone has a solution to creating accounts with virtual phone numbers… Like I can create with textnow but then that textnow number doesn’t work for pva’s, and russian numbers also don’t work anymore for me…

Anyone has solutions?

Sim cards for me is not an option, way too expensive, 10 sim cards $50… meanwhile online numbers cost from 5 cents to 10 cents each…

Plus I’m making around $1,350 with 1 niche, and I would need like 100 simcards… can anyone give me a good price for 100 simcards that has coverage in portugal?

kind regards.

I’m interested as well, however it appears as though sims are the only way to go :frowning:

Just about everything else is automatically blocked… including those textnow type services, Google Voice numbers, Skype In, burner app numbers, and hell–even my home phone number didn’t work.

Why do you need 100 sims? Because your 1 niche has 100 accounts?

Please let me know what solution you come up with, @Snowden!

Textnow was blocked like a few days ago for me, I’ve been using it since over a month ago, I had a method to create it + use it for pva, but now I can only create accounts with textnow, after adding it with the proxy on massplanner it asks for pva and when I press submit to send the sms it says the number can’t be used… but it was the number I used to create it…

So I guess instagram made an update on the ip blockage for pva submissions, I don’t even think instagram blocked textnow numbers… well for most people they did, but there’s a way around that block… I just can’t find a way around the block on proxies(banned proxies) being able to do pvas…

weird part… the proxies I bought were fresh, the provider said it has never been used before, I’m really running out of options and I’m afraid my income will be gone as soon as I don’t have any accounts left, i’m slowly losing all my accounts.

C’mon, the legendary Snowden don’t have a solution? Couldn’t you just hack IG and steal them?

Oh wait… :laughing:

Anyway, this guy’s sims are pretty cheap.

You don’t have to rely solely on IG for your income stream. 1 sim can be used for IG and FB. And the same proxy can be used for both. Pretty sure you can get back your ROI easily.

You can check the following seller as well: [BUY] Real Sim Cards to Verify your Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter accounts

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