How To Create Aged Account Which Last Long?

Let say we can create unlimited instagram account using 3g/4g phone. What is the best way to aged them?

Can we create 1 account per day, and post some picture, then logout. After 3-4 month, we start to warming up that account.

Any best method to do this? (Other than buying accounts) :smiley:

just create them and let them age

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Why after 3/4 months, i never have understood the reasoning behind the strategy that an older account that has been idle for 3/4 months would be more trustworthy, if i was a engineer at IG that was the first red flag i would put on that account, because nobody creates an account to have it idle for 3 months and then start posting liking and following.

You don’t have to do three months anyway, one month is enough… start with liking and posting a view pics, just use fresh accounts and age then carefully, you WILL get PVed no matter what you do, aged or not aged as soon as you’re going to have increased activity on your accounts changes are 95% you get a PV.

Here is a schedule that i work with

Day one profile and bio update (No Link yet)

Week one 10/30 likes a day 3 picture posts, follow some leaders in yoru niche

Week two, follow 3/5 people a day 30/60 likes a day 10/15 comments and 4/6 picture posts a week

Week three follow 10/15 people, 75/150 likes, 20/30 comments, 1 picture per day

Week four add link get PV start following 50/60 people a day 75/150 likes, 20/30 comments, 1 picture per day

And then i start increasing the following with a 100/200 followers per day, like and comments i keep the same, especially comments as still don’t know how to work them

And you keep on gradually increasing until i am at 500/600 followers a day.

That is how i do it and i have lost a view accounts, that will happen anyway, cost of doing business, but i don’t spend money or time on aged accounts, its a hyped thing created by account sellers, and yoiu know how it goes, some guy in a forums states that older accounts are better and everybody believes that idle accounts of three months old don’t need a good warming up. And then they wonder why their shit gets banned all the time :slight_smile:



That’s it. That’s the truth. Especially, IG started applying a patch and no matter where you get the aged accs from, they will go through double email plus double PV and some even gets banned right after. All of them created at a certain time without any change of creation strategy (as told by a aged ig seller to me).


Thanks @DaveNL . I also thought so, planning to do manual login once a day, post picture and like random post… So, one month is gud enough to start botting right? Thanks again. Will follow your method. :slight_smile:

You have to make it look like it is a real person, think of how a real person would use IG and simulate that, it really is that simple, just don’t go to fast from the start


This looks like a very good strategy
You basically have to follow all the steps when you first opened your IG account
Not sure about the percentage of PVs though.
I created a batch of 35 accounts about 2 months ago, currently following 600 and only %30 of them got PVs. I am not sure why, but I have probably done some good thing by mistake.
Let’s hope it keeps this way, though.

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Well i wish i had that, saves me some €€€ on simcards :slight_smile:

How do you create the accounts, @DaveNL

I create accounts with this method

Works fine, i do it with FB and Twitter also


In your next batch, why don’t you give 4G method a shot?
I suspect that almost every single proxy on the market is flagged, even if not banned

Don’t you need a phone for that, i find that highly annoying to work with a phone, you need to jailbreak it, have all kinds of device spoofers, and then the annoying filling out the IG accounts themselves, (i hate typing on my phone) i’ll keep using the browser and lose some accounts if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I am using 4g method, use my phone as dynamic proxy, use airplane mode to switch the proxy make hotspot for my laptop.

I create account using this software. (Not affiliated btw)☆-WINTER-SALE-☆-IGCreator-3-2-Instagram-Account-Creator

Works great for me ( use only dynamic proxy, not private proxy)

Some people use bluestack and fire the device id tweaker. Never try that yet as that ig creator software is still working.

Check this method

But my account got banned after pv probably I make a mistake when warming up account or maybe I am using catch all domain. Lot of possibility there.

Righy now, plan to do warming up with method above.

Let see how its work. :slight_smile:

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I know of all these methods and i have read them all, but bluestack is slow as fat diarrhea through a shower drain and working with a phone just sucks balls imho, i do it fast with the method i mentioned, don’t see any reason why i would wanna change what is working for me right now…


Can you tell me your limits (registration / day / proxy) with this method? Do you also change useragents on embed browser?

Thank you fow your answer!

I did 3 per proxy, i buy them now, i don’t have the time to create them anymore

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May I ask who you buy from, and with what ages and use (given your thoughts on aged accounts with no history)? Thanks for the helpful comments above.

I buy them at Massproxies

Sorry, I’m referring to IG accounts, as in where you buy the IG accounts but more just curious about what age and usage history they have, because you had some interesting comments about thinking aged ones with no use wouldn’t make much difference? I’m just starting out looking into IG myself, that’s why I ask :slight_smile: