How to create an ig with tethering

(I am not an English speaker, so I use a translator)

I connect my 4g lte phone to my pc and tether

I created an Instagram account after signing up for rambler email on my web browser (Chrome,new profile)

and Turn off airplane mode

I repeated this 11 times and from the 11th I saw the account blocked at the time of creation

Does anyone know how to secure my problem?

I need help from the experts. please

Firstly you need to use a private browser that hides and spoofs things. Multi login, gologin etc.

thanks for the reply

I use airplane mode - clear cache and cookies - new chrome profile to work at once, but still more fingerprints?

Multi login, gologin
Is it free?, Is it controllable with selenium?,

Now, when I work in the old way again, I have made three additional without any problems.

I’m confused as to why it was blocked before and why it works so well now…

This mgiht be difficult