How to Create Engaging Stories

Do you have any tools and Ideas that I can use on my phone to create Engaging stories for my Business ?.(more sophisticated that what Instagram offers in it’s app)

I have a 3D agency that makes 3D rendering and I would like to use my pictures to make new stories.

Do you also have an Idea what software I can use on my desktop?

Thanks for the ideas!! :+1:

Photoshop and Premiere pro :slight_smile:

Morover, add a song on your stories, through IG :slight_smile:


thanks man any app for the mobile to use ?

maybe you can try Canva as well

I found some amazing Photoshop masks for Instagram stories shared in the download section on BHW some months ago. I have used them a lot lately

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could you share this here?

and BTW: I started using J option to post in feed and stories but realized that the stories output is terrible.
So is it needed to have 2 different images? one for feed (1080x1080) and another one for stories (1080x1920)?
and how to manage posting them in the same campaign?

Yep, most definetly you need two different campaign, as the format is different. I don’t have access to my laptop and won’t have for some time, I am currently on mobile. You can go to BHW in the download section and spend some time searching. It is something like 210 Instagram Stories Templates. I don’t know where excatly it is myself so I would be searching as well

by BHW you mean blackhatw…?


Yes, that is correct

on phone you can use overly and unfold they have some basic free template and the rest its paid but it really worth using it

does the dynamic hashtags feature on campaigns work for instagram stories as well?

I use snapseed on mobile. It is from Google. You can also use Canva. If you have time, you can go for photoshop but it will require a desktop or laptop unfortunately.