How to create my own engagement group

how can i create my own engagement group?
i looked around the web and didnt find one for art
so decided ill make one of my own, and mabye grow
who knows what will happent in the future, anyways
any jedi mind masters for telegram around here can help me out?
the bot for telegram cost money?etc

@HenryCooper :joy:


:sob: it died with the like blocks . System is still in place tho :smiley:

@Adnan aka Mr Salt in my wound :smiley: :joy:

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died with the like blocks?

It is hard to be part of a like/engagement group if your accounts cannot make likes.

I think engagement groups are things of the past. I’ve actually stopped using engagement groups since idk you can gain much if you have a decent size page, and it also might violate IG’s Terms of Use.

the point of engagement groups is to grow and have a decent size page (lol?)