How to create paypal account without last name

Heya everyone i want to create a new paypal account on my mother’s name but she doesn’t have last name on her documents.and paypal asks for the last legal name too. So do anyone have any idea how get it sorted?

If you are not planning to use account for long-term, just put any random last name.

EDIT. call to Paypal to sort it out.

As u can see i am a seller on this forum surely i will need it for long term🙂
Calling paypal support would be the last thing i want to do in my whole life.

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Just ditch PayPal, you only will get into more issues if you try to evade the ban this way.

This sounds like a legal problem :thinking:

So you can’t put for example something like her Father’s last name?

No that won’t work.pp will soon ban account

Why? :slight_smile: It seems the only solution to your issue is contacting Paypal customer service. I’d call them if I were you. I remember calling them cause they limited my new PP account, Though the wait was long, they helped me solve the issue. Their support was excellent.

I never got any identity verification on paypal Oo

Does they are asking for documents nowaday ?