How to create slave accs?

Hey so I wanna get into mother/slave and I was wondering how can I create mass slave accs?
Also, how many slave accs do you guys usually promote with?

Is there any software to create slave accs or mabu9?



The more manual you make your account creation the better quality your accounts will be.

This will be important for future growth and logevity of your accounts.

High quality: Making account with phone manually + dedicated phone number
lowest quality: account creation software, PVA panel, Ipv4

For a large scale Mother/Child business you will most likely want to meet in the middle somewhere.
as it has gotten very hard to run these large businesses without extreme trial and error.

How much do you have to spend?

I wouldn’t bother with creating, just buy them. Check #public-marketplace

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Creating accounts isnt as easy as it used to be. There are very high chances of getting them linked up even if you get the right sauce. I agree with @Adnan you are better off buying them. I see most seasoned players in business now dont create accounts anymore.


Yo proxified, I remember you as one of the number 1 guys in the game when it came to m/s. Are you still successfully doing the m/s method? What kind of changes did you have to make to keep things up after the updates?


Its not worth spending much time and money on it since profitability have declined by more than 60% as compared to an year back. There are far more profitable things to be done and digital marketing is all about moving forward.


Could you list a couple of those things to work on going forward? is automation still king?

@proxified is still the king unlike someone who can’t be named and claims to be the number #1 lol :joy::joy: Although proxified isn’t automating anymore but he can if he wants to :wink: because of his vast experience. But what he said is true, the profit margins are way lower now even when we are charging almost 3x of what we used to charge last year.

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Strategy is the king, I assure. With right strategy, whether its automation or content, authority or rehashed stuff, original or duplicate, anything can be sold.

For the rest, I would like to stop responding here in order not to hijack the thread or going offtopic.


thank you 13 char