How to create this type of posts?

Hello guys,
Someone can tell me how to create this type of post ??


It is literally just a Twitter screenshot. Or do you mean something else? So I guess:

  1. Make a tweet
  2. Screenshot it

Wrong link.
I was asking for this

Hello! I’m assuming it’s either a screenshot & they cropped It perfectly or there may be some sort of app made just for converting tweets into this type of post as I see people such as Gary Vee make these posts often.

I doubt that one would use photoshop just to create posts like that as there is probably an app to do this in seconds. With that being said, I’ll follow this topic to see if anyone knows exactly because it’s interesting :smile:

Yeah that seems like a twitter screenshot fitted into an Instagram square.

I use to do this all the time but I lowkey got lazy: it’s tedious.

Never knew how to program or code, but I would’ve paid for a tool to automate (some part of) this process.

I’ll follow this topic in case the tool is out there & it gets mentioned here :slight_smile:

i think it´s just a screenshot… in doubt go to Twitter and you will find

Its easier to make those screenshots by:

  1. finding the tweet
  2. press on the upside down triangle “v” in the corners
  3. find the Embedded tweet option
  4. you’ll get cleaner screenshots that way with the Twitter logo in them

Then, Zoom in on the window to make the fonts larger / Smaller

Edit: you’ll see some extra options on that embedded window as well