How to Crush Client Management

This was posted by “LaurenceM” from BHW. I thought it would be a nice share for people new to this forum :slight_smile:

As the title suggests, I’m going to be handing out a few of the most prominent tips surrounding client management. While it may seem an easy business model, it is far from it, and just like any other business, there are countless problems you could run into.

So, let’s get into it.

  1. Don’t auto comment… please
    Yeah, I know this can work on your own pages, but if you’ve done this before you’ll know that auto comments receive a lot of hate, not to mention backlash. Truth is, Instagram users are not dummies, they know when someone is spamming a comment. You’ll only end up with an upset client.

  2. Add lots of sources (a LOT)
    There are probably already threads out there but here is what I recommend:

  • add 100 sources, with accounts that have 10-100K followers
  • the accounts that have done follow/unfollow will give you the highest FB rate
  • after 30 days remove sources with a less than 20% FB rate and keep the highest FB rate sources
  1. Add probe accounts to your bot
    I’m sorry… what?? Let me explain. Recently, Instagram had a big update that supposedly changed the monthly follow limits. In a perfect scenario, you should have several accounts that you’re prepared to lose, that you’ll push to the limits and essentially keep up to date with what number of actions are safe on Instagram, don’t always rely on someone else to tell you!

  2. Be transparent with your client
    If you get them follow blocked because you pushed actions too fast, tell them that. The one thing businesses hate to deal with is liars, if you’re honest they’ll see past your mistake and give you a second chance.

  3. Use 4G proxies, always
    But Laurence, it’s too expensive! Actually sit down mate, some sellers here sell 4G proxies with unlimited data for $30/month, you’re trying to tell me that a client paying $100s per month is too cheap for $30? The cost of botting is so cheap, the profit margin is so high, you can risk an extra $30 per month for your clients safety.


M[quote=“nickraige, post:1, topic:70848”]
Add lots of sources (a LOT)

This is no longer an option taking in count the new limits…

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thanks for the share Bro Really appreciate it that will answer a lot of questions for lot of People Here…

“Analyze your success and build on it” Had to mention that i absolutely Noticed and had to talk about this Yes Learn and read ‘‘a lot’’ try and try different Ideas and methods Keep learning everyday But Without taking a step back and analyzing what worked and didn’t, marketing becomes a guessing game. The truth is, you can read all the articles in the world about the best practices ,methods and publishing strategies, but If you’re not putting enough effort into your Work!, you will not get the full potential of it!
you canonly find out what works for your clients through testing and measuring results, of your own test and other peoples Methods and ideas that you apply!

thanks for the share again +1


I’m glad that there were these blocks and they are :slight_smile:
It taught me a lot and it gave me a lot of new ideas, where I make money from them :slight_smile:
Build your knowledge and company not only through the bot.


that’s :100: on Point :pray: brother ,amen on that one!
it made me Evaluate what im doing and keep optimizing my methods /setups and everything as much as i could by testing and learning everyday , so we will not be throwing out of the bus :oncoming_bus:

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Sources as in accounts to test, but now with the new limits I would say 10 good sources would be good and then test another 10, etc.


You got it bro!!

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Some clients dislike this, some are fine with it. I give them the option and they decide.

Should add in you want to try to go for accounts with high engagement as well…as you want to pull in not only follows but people who tend to be active on IG as well. As going for accounts that F/uF is fine if your client only wants numbers, but if they want engagement & potential sales you need to focus more on real people. This of course all depends on the goal of the client.

You shouldn’t need to pay $30/mo for a proxy for a client. There’s a lot of mobile providers including some on these forums that provide them for a lot less. Mobiles are available at 4G/piece (although shared a big) and raw-mobile are available at $20 if you want full control of what happens on the mobile IP and don’t mind spending the extra.

I disagree with this. While I think it is important to be honest and transparent you also need to be very careful with admitting you screwed up to clients to a point it has negatively affected their account. There’s a big difference between:

“Instagram sometimes blocks actions if it feels too much of it is going on too swiftly. It varies from account to account and the limits change all the time. It looks like we hit a limit so I’m going to slow things down a bit to help avoid this happening again”


“So I went past the safe limits for follows on your account and Instagram has blocked us from following for a while. I should have been more careful and I apologize”

The first option shows management, you’re adapting to an imposed limitation by Instagram and you’re making adjustments to stay ahead of Instagram’s algorithms (which is what you’re paid for as a manager), the other is basically saying you knew better but you screwed up. Both are honest and true, one makes you look like a hero, the other makes you look inexperienced.

I realize you’re reposting from another forums and while some of these points are decent they’re not indicative of a great manager (in my opinion).


I would add that probably you will gain a lot of inactive to your clients account. Yes, they will follow them back but won’t engage with the conent

When you say it’s $30 per month for the 4G proxy, is that per insta account?

Thanks a lot man appreciate

I think @Cudi was saying to buy a raw mobile proxy, in other words, a mobile proxy just for you.

But the $30/month price that he gave is based on some proxy provider that he knows about, but here in the forum people always mention @HenryCooper `s proxies (, and he has raw mobile proxy for $20/month, and depending on your expertise you could run 5-15 accounts in it, so it would be $4 ($20/5) - $1,33 ($20/15) the cost per account, or if you want to be super safe run just 1 account on the mobile proxy ($20 the cost per account).

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Correct. That’s exactly what I meant.

As long as your parameters are restricted? They should engage with your content as they followed you in the first place

Thanks my friend, I said that to my client and she totally understood the situation

Ok I apologise for bumping an old thread but WOW. Didn’t realise this was posted here but I must have just turned 14 when I wrote this on BHW :joy::joy:

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But well said for a 14-year-old :joy:

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