How to deal with negative backlash

I offered social media marketing services to a tight knit niche community and at first I was welcomed with open arms and signed up quite a few. Then, one person told me my services were despicable and compared me to those who spoof children’s accounts for pedophiles. Then the lynching began and others joined in on the bullying and shaming. Telling me my services are unethical, fake and horrible, giving false hope and feeding on gullibility.

I explained the intent behind the business is to always enhance what is integral to the brand. No matter how much botting you do it doesn’t guarantee automatic success and if your content is shit, the Kardashians can’t even fix it with a shoutout, Some people understand this, but holy crap, others really, really hate it to the point of death threats,

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I’m not returning to that community. Last thing I need is a crazy to start sabotaging my accounts. Think I’ll stick with CPA, ecommerce and Adsense now.


Don’t be scared off by such a bad experience . At least you know now , which type of customer audience you are not looking for . Every time you “fail” you improve (if you know why and stick to the same niche) . Head up and pedal to the metal :stuck_out_tongue:


People have unrealistic expectations and when they don’t become instagsmous overnight, or gain 100k their first month/year their ego takes a huge hit. “But my family loves my photos!”, “But you promised me X dollars a month in income”.

These are the same people that believe that luluroe, lipsense, scentsy, R+F etc, are STILL going to make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

I agree with Henry. Ignore the haters, keep on doing what you do. It’s a learning lesson and you learned a lot.


I own a facebook fanpage with 140k followers all related to pets.A few months ago I posted a video about some activists stealing a puppy from a beggar. I didn’t expect to get so much attention on that video. Actually before it was taken down by facebook it was close to 17 millions of views, hundreds of thousands of shares and comments.

You can’t imagine how much hate started that video.Some users contacted me to take it down because they don’t want to see that video again. Some contacted me to give them details about those activists and their organisation.

But the worst part started when the activists from that video discovered my video and my page. Thay started to send threatening messages. They started to send curses and blasphemies. Every hour a new account of those activists was sending me a message with a death sentence.

Fortunately, the community and page followers were by my side. But f.ckbok took down the video because they considered it disturbing.

You are not the only one @Liloo


It hurts, we feel wronged. There is only one way to deal with it. Move on. Understand the first is the hardest, there will be others later backstabbing and such. We deal with people, as such most will be good and honest. That small few that messes things up we spend 80 percent of the time worrying or losing sleep over. In a few months, it will be a lesson in memory and experience. Henry is right, Move on ( yes it will be hard, however, that is one quality that separates failures from successes.)


Negativity and hate are like a disease, one that spreads easily and can infect everything in its path. Now you know one source, so you can steer clear of it in the future.

I can’t relate directly, but I’ve struggled with my own creations due to backlash, blacklisting and disrespect in the past. As dumb as the keep calm carry on meme is, even with the quote taken out of context, it has some merit and if you can embrace it, you’ll do just fine.


I can relate to this!


I’m amazed you know about those products, LOL.

The funniest thing happened, I actually picked up a big client out of all this, it seems that the more famous the client, the more hate they get, so they also relate to the backlash rhetoric that I was getting. It was worth the “bad” publicity!

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Now that I got a big client out of all this, I’m thinking of finding more of the same type of groups and causing some more controversy. It’s absolutely worth it!

Sorry to hear about this, you would think out of any group, animal lovers would be the most kind and gentle of people. I think much like my experience, you found the gold in your page fanbase.

It’s all good now, whatevs to the haters. They pick up my mic drop.


Yep, keep calm and aim for the head.

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They are gentle as long they see just cute animals videos…