How to detect the new Shadowban?

Hey guys , did anybody figure out a way to detect the new shadow ban that happening pretty often lately?

a way I thought about is to follow once in a while other of my bots and see if notification was received , or just check if there were follow backs for the past days and flag (but then its not 100% accurate)

Any better methods?

I’ve had an issue with contacting users. My accounts are still suspended even tho I haven’t been contacting anyone for months :slight_smile:

Hi, this is a real problem. I don’t know if we can solve it . I have shadow ban on 70% of my accounts. ! F/U between 80-100 /day . every day. , DC proxies. I the followers don’t get notifications

that’s pretty much it I don’t know any other existing way to check the shadowban, just make sure to test with accounts that work from different IP’s and countries

Stop everything for 3-4 days. That’s the only way to wait until they lift up the shadowban.

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The question is what causes it , if after every day of 1 run it will happen, then its not good :smiley:

the shadowban is the same as a block in theory, and what causes blocks other than settings, proxies, posts, multiple devices logins, and similarities between profiles.

I do the first method you mentioned. I add one of my own accounts as source, then check the notifications on that account manually.

Yes, if the account usually gets 10% FBR, then it suddenly drops, then the cause is most likely shadowban. If the FBR isn’t that high, it’s hard to detect it.