How To Determine if your Proxy is shared?

:scream: No kidding :sleepy: …we are in uncharted waters in today’s insta everyday we blame this or that …we all will make it…Facebook proved that …it’s the transition that we got to deal with

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Please. They are from Pakistan and Jordan :rofl:

Also some from India :thinking:


There are too many variables in the equation to try and guesstimate this from speed alone. My own servers are sometimes slow as snails and there’s nobody using them…

You can only know this if you have access to the actual machine doing the requests. I guess you could ask for remote access and do some inspection, I would be surprised if you get it though. Even then you can’t be sure.

How reputable is your provider? If they’re not that well known, I would operate under the assumption that your private proxy is probably not private.

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