How To Determine if your Proxy is shared?

A private proxy is a proxy that is used only one user as of course we all know: but how do you know that the proxy your being sold as private is not really a shared proxy.

Higher speed (response time) seems to be the only measure , since no one else is working with the same proxy.

our inability to bypass filters and blocks these past few weeks might because our private proxy are perhaps being used by another account.

Avoid blocks PV and EV is the goal.

does anyone have the ranges in response time to a private proxy?

Thank you in advance for your advice


It can vary depending on the proxy that you’re using. All proxies aren’t run on machines with the same specs, so response time will vary.

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You can’t really determine this by speed. I don’t know any method of testing this personally.

Best bet would just be to use trusted sources.


I think you will need to nmap it but I’m not sure if this will work.

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Testing phase my data center proxies were improved to 3 digit speeds but alas no consistent solution to the follow blocks and recurring PV

@quorumlab I wold suggest using residential or mobile proxies if you’re still experiencing verifications. Either that, or reduce your settings significantly. It’s been about 6 weeks since I received a verification, prior to that a few months. The proxies you use, and the settings are key factors in this.


what actions are you doing aside from following and unfollowing and do you recommend static residential or rotated?

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@Klique Looking into residential proxies, can you point me to one you suggest?

You can’t. :man_shrugging:t2:


you proxy wizards know…i don’t either…know how unless someway you can read the packet and from there back reverse it

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Otherwise people would find out how many people you put on one mobile proxy :joy::joy::joy:

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People posted here in the forum that they were able to put 40 accounts on a proxy. :thinking:

Maybe PM them for more information :rofl:

Besides that, we would have much bigger security problems then proxies if that would be possible. :scream:

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HenryCooper, why don’t you tell everyone how many customers you are placing on your 4G’s?

I heard you we’re able to do 50-60 :rofl:

I mean it’s obvious that for 4$ it won’t be one account per proxy…
My mobile proxy is working fine (99%) so I won’t complain :wink:
But of course the results may vary if there are too many people with you on the same mobile proxy abusing the shit out of it…


Many many things play a role. Not just the amount of people. Fingerprints etc.

I guess “4GProxies” is spreading those false rumors? :smiley: Some of my customers told me he spreads a lot of wrong information about me and my services because he seems butt hurt :joy:.

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80-150. Depending on my mood in the morning :rofl: How is your 3G… caugh 4G proxies going?


I think you can be honest with how many people you are putting on your malaysian IP’s.

As for myself - I sell dedicated 4g, not shared like you :slight_smile:

Why are you lying? If I am to say anything, it is to your face.

It’s lovely that you’re refusing to reply directly to the question asked of your: how many customers are you loading per 4g? I think they have a right to know, for their own edification.

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Guys … gloves down. Buyers determine who provides better anything and getting into a ‘conversation’ about why this why that etc…helps no one. Each of you have threads in marketplace and may both of you succeed. We here to help each other not see who can do better


Are you sure about that last part?