How to do pva for clients?

hello everyone , i recently started to manage account of some clients .i use mobile proxy from cooper but still dont know how use accounts for follow action.i mean should i check option to not use EB for follow and for login ? if someone can please give some tips .thank you .
The other problem is PVA , right now i got first pva (i started accs 2 days ago) and dont know what to do , should i ask client to do it with the original number or i can use for example smspva to do it ? i dont want to kill client accs so if someone can help me with this i will really apreciate . Thank you
I use settings to do about 500 follow a day and same for unfollow , and i set accounts to rest during nights .
thanks !

Clients should do the phone verifications themselves with their own number.

Also 500 follows/day after 2 days seems to me like you didn’t warm up the accounts at all…which is vital when attaching a new proxy to an account.

After the verifications I’d recommend dropping back down to maybe 100-150/day and increase by 35-50/day back to 500 and make sure your followers per hour doesn’t exceed 25-30


You definitely don’t want to get rid of your clients account :rofl:

Take the good advice from @Tacos, It is definitely a part of why its not working so well.

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thank you very much

I would really suggest doing some more testing on your own accounts. Learning with clients is not going to go well, even with good proxies.

Personally I would not use EB but that’s a result of my testing, others say differently.


Yeah you need to do a ton of research and test/practice on other accounts. THEN you can start taking clients

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only 25 - 30 follows per hour? Have you found a little higher than this can cause issues?

to reach 500 follows a day you would have to run follow tool for 16 hours which doesn’t leave much time for unfollowing and sleep. Do you find that the smaller actions per hour keeps accounts healthier even without nightly rest time?

Appreciate the insight

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Aww shucks…I’ll take a Seth endorsement any day of the week

I unfollow at the same time so that’s not an issue for me. If you’re doing follow only you can probably push it closer to 60 BUT you should still warm up to it and see if you hit any pressure points to avoid further PVs.

One thing to note is follow back ratios are more based on your sources, not how many follows you push out. So if you cultivate sources well and get a 20-30% FBR then you need a lot fewer followers sent per day to make most clients super happy.

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@Tacos is the man. Wait until they do the PV themselves. I have only ever had this happen once but when I did I just waited a few hours and they did it themselves. People are addicted to instagram haha they will probably do it within minutes.

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It’s amazing how a lot of times problems solve themselves

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Now a Jmarie endorsement? /swoon Thank you :smiley:

Yup, half the time the client will do the phone verification and not give it a second thought. So many other services periodically do a PV it’s just second nature to many. Most of the time I don’t even need to inform the client if they’re a regular IG user…they’ll just do it on their own and won’t even think it’s because of me.

To be fair…I don’t think it’s ever been because of me :smiley: only time I’ve seen PVs with clients is when they buy fakes or hire a second growth service at the same time.

So for me, a PV on a client isn’t an issue. The reason for the PV however usually requires me opening a can of whoop ass on someone who gives me money for it.

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Oh helllllllll yes :wink:

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What is a PV?


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