How To Download Teachable courses Videos?

Hello all, i bought some courses on Teachable, but Downloading the Videos is a problem, any suggestion for a good method or tools to use?

I’ll Appreciate any help.


You can use web converter:

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What about when it’s hidden behind a login wall?
Also, I have a course that seems to be on a private platform, but the videos are hosted on wistia. I’m currently using an opera extension but with 50/50 success rate. Where there is more than 1 video per page, it has issues detecting the extra files.
Sometimes it even breaks one video into tens or hundreds of tiny files for no apparent reason.

Thank you for taking the time to share this, cool

Thanks for the suggestion

Another method is to copy and paste the video course or playlist url to Allavsoft, and click Download button. It will download in mp4 format with subtitle