How to drive traffic from twitter?


Back in 2013-14 i used to get all of my traffic from twitter. I used 10 accounts to get 140 visitors to my site each day. But after few days later twitter blocked all of my accounts. And traffic quickly dried up. I did one mistake there that i used only one ip address as of now i was unaware of the ip’s before mp software. Now i wanted to know how to drive traffic from twitter?

I sent dm to new followers with a link to my website and this is where most of the traffic was coming from.

I want to know what type of twitter accounts i need? I mean do i need aged accounts or new accounts. If it’s aged accounts how old it should be. If it’s new account how to setup follow, unfollow and dm setting in mass planner.

How many accounts per ip?

What is the strategy to drive to drive consistant traffic from twitter?

I follow this post .

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