How to Earn through Instagram

Hey Everyone I am new on the forum using massplanner from two months and didn’t get any profit yet i saw about how to earn through instagram.

I have dedicated server
30 proxies
40 instagram accounts one month old

MY Massplanner is full activated all tools

I also study that earn through cpa ogads but don’t know which offer to promote what is the best setting etc.

I would be happy with someone will do a j.v if he is good idea i will provide all tools and thing but just need j.v with someone he would earn through 50/50 shares please

There are extensive tutorials on this forum so you learn how to do everything yourself. Why don’t you do a search and start trying stuff out?

You have no idea what offer to promote? Did you check this?

Here’s one more

And there are other topics that will teach you a lot more, just use the search function and don’t be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for kind reply and i am feeling lol i am lazy i have to search and find a way how to use massplanner using a right method. I am going to use these setting many accounts banned even i have dedicated proxies and there is just two IG accounts per ip