How to enable instagram shopping, not eligible for my country

Best way to enable instagram shopping? I live in 3rd country and I need to enable instagram shopping in the USA

@soldpitch have you tried using proxies based on the locations which have IG shopping feature?

You can get a US proxy, then create the account using that proxy so it will have the US as its location by default.

The thing though is, will you be selling your products in the US or in your home country? If you will sell it only to your locality, I don’t think setting up an IG store based in the US will work. Maybe you can just set up an IG page for your store, then include the link to your shop on the IG posts. You can setup online stores for example via ebay (does this still exist, lol), shopify, etc.

I have not, can I try 4g proxy to use in my phone?

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You will probably need a rooted phone and a few other things/apps to get the proxy running properly.

proxies or a VPN both of them should work, some of the third countries have shopping enabled have you made sure yours don’t have that?

I tried VPN but was not able to enable

You should also consider the requirements here Log into Facebook to qualify for Instagram Shopping. So, if you created a new account, build it up first, then have the FB page created for that as well.

yes, Jessi is right I forgot about the requirement part, does your account have what IG requires to be able to enable shopping stuff?

This is what IG said about using VPN/proxy to set up Instagram shopping.