How to export cookies from Chrome and put them to Jarvee?

I am currently running 5 facebook profiles on chrome. I would like to put them to jarvee, and I would like to define same user agent, proxy and cookies, which I am using on chrome.

Please, how should I export proxy from chrome, to put it into jarvee? I think this way should be most safe to transfer my accounts from chrome to jarvee.

  1. Install this extension on chrome to export cookies of your account.

  2. Log in to your account on chrome, click on the extension, then export the cookies. Paste the cookies in a new txt file in Notepad and save the file.

  3. Add a new FB profile in Social Profiles tab in Jarvee. Add the proxy details, and enter the account credentials or you can check the option “Manual Login”.

  4. Check the option “Show advanced profile settings”

  5. Scroll down, and click in Import. Select the cookies file you saved earlier.

  6. Click on Mark as valid.