How to farm hq YT views?

Hey guys, I need some insight to the process of how to farm video views on YT.

I have my own proxy setup and can generate ~4K IP Adresses per day.

Do I need G-Mail accounts for this?

In my head, the automation process would be pretty simple just like: Create a new browser fingerprint, connect to the proxy, visit URL for X time.

Are there any tools for that or will I need a Dev to build my own?

Thank you very much guys!

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There’s Jarvee that has the watch video tool that you can use to gain views: YouTube Watch Video tool - Jarvee

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Yes, of course I already know about & use Jarvee and love it for all it can do for me, but will it be enough if I have a couple YouTube profiles and make them watch a video a lot of times?

I mean I have a lot of IP’s that I can generate per day, and I think that this would limit the amount of views I can generate daily drastically, right? Like if I can make 4k fresh IP’s per day, but only use 70 Accs on Jarvee, YT can see that it’s always the same accounts watching, right? :thinking:

And I also have a lot of IG accs running, so it would be even less Accs that I can use for YT

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I read a post on this forum a while ago saying we don’t need gmail accounts, if it’s done in Jarvee, we just need to add Youtube profiles from Social Profiles tab, assign proxies to those accounts, mark them as Valid, then use the Watch tool to generate views. I haven’t tested that method yet so I’m not sure whether the view will count or not.


Thank you man, I’ll try that

Aside from having the accounts watch videos, make them have other activities such as to comment/like/like comments on the video (and on other videos), and to watch other videos too so that it looks like a real interaction is happening…

Add youtube accounts from Social profiles?
Is that a new option or… ?
Because I don’t see that @ Jarvee

I think he is referring to this:

ah, I was thinking about something else.

You’re welcome.

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To farm hq YouTube views make your short video on trending topics and share on its URL on top social media sites. Encourage to users convert into your subscribers. Make high quality thumbnails to get more attention for your video.

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I tried this and it didnt work
After I marked the profile valid, it went back to pending.

are you still able to do this ?